Welcome to the Official In the Wake of Gods Web Site!

In the Wake of Gods (WoG for short) is an unofficial fan-created add-on to Heroes of Might & Magic III: The Shadow of Death (also works with Heroes 3 Complete). The international members of the WoG Team continue to work together to update, expand and improve upon WoG with new and unique content. The current WoG version is 3.58f, and we hope that 3.59 will be completed in 2008.

WoG is many different things to many different Heroes 3 players (WoGify scripts, new features, custom WoG maps, new monsters, objects and artifacts), but first and foremost it is a highly-customizable toolbox for both map makers and players alike.

Join thousands of excited Heroes III WoG players and explore with us the Wonderful World of WoG!